About Us

What we do

Customised Designer Homes

At Heartland, we are passionate about creating smart contemporary homes. As a developer, builder and owner we are able to simplify the buying process. Through a single point of contact we offer owners a range of custom options while securing below market prices and actionable product guarantees. We manage and maintain all our properties in-house with the assistance of dedicated partners to ensure the sustained quality of each home.

We are predominantly a brown-fields developer. Through leveraging technology we breathe new life into existing structures to create exclusive living environments in established neighbourhoods. A distinguishing component of Heartlands' process is the journey on which each owner embarks. We provide the canvas which owners use to write their own narrative through selecting finishes and furnishings. When you infuse a well designed space with your personality, you are guaranteed to love where you live.

Our Story

True Heritage Into Modern Living

Our homes all have a story behind them. Our journey began working with heritage buildings and preserving the stories these historical buildings tell while completely transforming them to allow for ease of stay. Our first homes were carefully hand-crafted, each with unique features and focus points, and is how we still approach each home today.

The customisation required for these heritage homes helped us develop into leaders in home customisation. This led us to specialise in providing off-plan buyers with online and virtual tools to colour in professionally curated spaces.

Our Passion

Innovative Design & Modern Architecture

We are a team made of property and software developers, it isn't common, but it has helped us invent new tools to allow owners to interact with their future homes. We are all about innovative thinking, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the residential market.

Although the nature of our projects have changed over the years, our ethos has stayed the same: We believe a home is an environment that allows us to shape our thoughts, recharge us and inspire us to take on the world around us.

Our Roots

Pretoria Is Our Home

We are a property company that was born out of the commercial events industry. Our origin company Heartfelt Arena has been around since 1967. We have taken the same detail-focused thinking from the high-end events industry into the property market.