About Us

Our Story

True Heritage with Modern Living

Our homes all have a story behind them. We work with heritage experts to preserve the stories these historical buildings tell, while completely replacing the utilities, plumbing and electrical to allow for the best of both. Units have been carefully hand-crafted, each with unique features and focus points.

Our Properties

Affordable Designer Apartments

At Heartland Properties, we are passionate about creating modern contemporary homes for uncompromised living. We own, manage & maintain all our properties in-house.

Our Passion

Innovative Design & Modern Architecture

We are all about innovative thinking, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our Roots

Pretoria Is Our Home

We are a property company that was born out of the events industry. Our base company heartfelt arena has been around since 1967. Now we're looking to add the same focus of feeling from events industry into the property market.