Education and Training precinct (Founders Hill)

The education and training precinct is located in Founders Hill, the historic and cultural area, on the south-eastern edge of the New City and covers an area of approximately 140 ha.  This precinct intends to source worldwide educational resources to create an international education base - to be developed into a comprehensive education precinct comprising pre-primary, primary, higher, tertiary, vocational and technical education.

The centre seeks to facilitate job creation by contributing to skills development and cultivating R&D Programmes; ancillary offices and accommodation offerings (including student accommodation) form part of the planned development.  The education centre will offer vocational education to increase technical talent in Modderfontein (and surrounding areas) and intends to provide a springboard for South Africans to study in China. 

Land Area: 140 ha

Development Capacity:  661 898 m2